HiStore is a floor-to-ceiling office storage system available in veneer, high gloss lacquer and MFC, based around a range of standard components customised to fit exactly into whatever space is available. HiStore wall storage enables the utilisation of the full office height for storage, against a wall or freestanding.


HiStore enables you to utilize the full height of your office for storage, using any combination of timber and glass doors, drawers and lockers. You can also to create custom storage configurations: for example an end wall in a conference room combining storage with a central recess for a display screen.

HiStore may be fixed against an existing wall, or used freestanding to create a partition. HiStore partition walls may comprise storage back to back (double thickness) or feature some modules opening to one side and some to the other side (single thickness).

While HiStore is based around standard modules it is always custom fitted into the space, with finishing panels hand scribed for a neat, flush fit.

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