X-Range Bench Desks

X-Range Bench is immensely strong and stable despite its elegant lines. The structure of X-Range bench was developed from a special table Sven designed for the Bodleian library, which had to support metre high stacks of books. We combined this frame concept with ‘power towers’ to provide outstanding cable handling and even greater stability and subsequently added a choice of leg frame designs to further expand the range’s appeal.

X-Range bench has become a market leader and is widely specified on projects of all sizes, up to and including the very largest installations.

X-Range bench is offered with either fixed or sliding tops. Sliding tops provide more convenient access to the rigid wire mesh cable trays set underneath. Cables are routed from floor level up through the power towers and into the cable trays, then onto the desk tops either via the back edge of the top of through cable ports set into each top at both sides. Routing cables is fast, simple and requires no tight bends – crucial for the latest generations of data cables.

Leg frame options comprise the standard frame (D-section tubular legs of the original design) plus rectangular, square and A-frame designs. All are available finished in Black, White, Silva and Slate.

X-Range Bench offers tops from 1000mm to 2000mm wide, and either 800mm or 600mm deep. 800mm deep tops are optionally available with a double-wave shaped front edge. Benches may be either double or single sided, to ensure that maximum use can be made of available space.

There is no limit to the overall length of a bench: add-on modules can be added to achieve any desired size. Standard top height is 735mm with fixed tops or 741mm with sliding tops. Height adjustment kits (increasing top height by 25mm – 40mm) are available for fixed top benches.

Dividing screens are either 340mm or 505mm high, with an extruded aluminium frame and an upholstered or Perspex core. If dividing screens are not required benches may be specified with flush abutting tops.

Side extensions (available with fixed tops only) may be added to create L-shape workstations. Single sided benches may optionally be fitted with modesty panels.

Mobile pedestals for bench desks are offered in three variants: 645mm high with two drawers and a filing drawer, in both 431mm (standard) and 320mm (narrow) widths, and 490mm high with one drawer and a filing drawer.

X-Range Meeting and Conference Tables

X-Range offers a wide choice of tables from 800 x 800mm and 800mm diameter up to 5000 x 1200mm. The larger (conference) tables are offered in rectangular, bow-end and barrel shapes and are fitted with an inset “third leg” at each end to ensure the stability for which X-Range is renowned. Cable ports can be fitted into the tops in combination with optional cable trays to provide simple but practical cable management.

X-Range Desks

Frame and Panel Options: cable management

X-Range desks are available on panel ends and two styles of metal frame. The all-steel 'M' pattern frame incorporates cable management risers, on the inside of the frame, as standard: on the 'B' pattern frame plastic cable risers are available as an option. Optional cable trays, which fit to the inside of the modesty panel, are available for all desks. All tops are fitted with cable ports as standard.

Rectangular Desks

Rectangular Desks 800mm to 1800mm wide.

Wave Desks

Wave desks 800mm deep at one end curving out to 1000mm deep at the other, providing a deeper surface for use with a monitor and keyboard. Available 1400mm to 1800mm wide.

Compact Wave Desks and Workstations

Compact wave units "wave in" from 800mm to 600mm or 525mm, compared to a conventional wave desk's 1000mm to 800mm. This saves a very useful 200mm – yet when facing into the wave there is still more than adequate knee room. The small widths available add to the space-saving appeal. Compact wave workstations (1200mm to 1600mm wide) have an integral pedestal and offer exceptional value, while compact wave desks (1200mm wide) offer the flexibility of placing a pedestal (deep or shallow) to either side, extending the usable top surface.

Double Wave Desks

Double wave desks curve out to a depth of 1000mm at both ends, providing the benefits of a wave desk combined with the flexibility of being unhanded. Available in 1600mm and 1800mm widths.

Compact Double Wave Desks: Compact version of the Double Wave desk, waving in from 800mm to a minimum of 600mm deep in the centre (compared with 100mm to 800mm on a standard desk). Available in 1400mm and 1600mm widths.

Corner Desks

Corner desks were originally designed to provide a separate, deeper area for a monitor and keyboard. Many users continue to appreciate the convenience of separating keyboard work and paperwork even if, with modern flat screens, the additional depth is no longer necessary. Available 1400mm to 1800mm wide.

Simple Corner Desks

Simple corner desks feature a simplified structure that trades a little elegance for a cost saving. A standard corner desk is supported on a panel or frame at one end, with a corner leg and further panel or frame supporting the other end. On simple corner desks the corner leg and second panel or frame are replaced by a single panel or frame – but any difference is not noticeable when desks are configured in side-to side clusters. Available 1400mm to 1800mm wide.

Compact Corner Desks

Compact corner desks have a return side 1000mm deep compared to the 1200mm of a standard corner desk – still providing plenty of depth when used with a flat screen monitor, but saving space by reducing the footprint of the workstation.

Simple Compact Corner desks

The simple version (see above) of a compact corner desk.

120° Workstations

Symmetrical 120° desks 1000x1000x800mm. May be used individually or, more frequently, in clusters of three. Commonly used in conjunction with an adjacent desk height, desk-depth pedestal.

Freestanding returns

Side extensions for desks. Rectangular 800 x600mm and 1000x600mm, and wave shape 1000mm wide by 600mm deep at one end waving out to 800mm deep at the other end.

Conference Extensions

A 1300mm Ø three-quarter circle conference extension for a single desk, and a D-shape extension that fits across the ends of two desks placed back to back.



Fixed pedestals are available either with one small drawer and one filing drawer, or with three small drawers.


A mobile pedestal 645mm high with two small drawers and a filing drawer, and a narrow (320mm wide) version with the same configuration, plus a low mobile pedestal 490mm high with one less small drawer. The low unit is handy if you want to place a piece of equipment or box file etc on top yet still position the pedestal under a desk. Add touchdown seating with optional cushions designed to fit selected mobile X-Range pedestals.

Desk Height

Desk height pedestals have two small drawers and one filing drawer and are available 600mm deep for use on the return side of a corner desk and 800mm deep for use butted against the end of a desk (effectively extending the work surface).

Pedestal Cushions

Add touchdown seating with optional cushions to fit selected pedestals. Velcro attachment allows retro fitting and simplifies re-upholstery or replacement.

X-Range Storage Units

X-Range offers an extensive range of storage with open fronts, double doors, filing drawers and vertical and side-opening tambour doors. Desk height (735mm high), 1200mm, 1600mm and 2000mm high. Desk height units are 800mm or 1000mm wide. Taller units are 1000mm wide.

All storage is 525mm deep except for open bookcases which are 400mm deep (ideal for box files and ring binders) and available in the same range of heights. 600mm deep tops are an option on desk height storage when used as corner desk extensions.

Storage fittings

Shelves, roll-out filing frames, lateral filing rails, shelves, anti-tilt cables for use with roll-out fittings.

Filing Cabinets

Traditional two, three and four drawer filing cabinets.

Coffee tables

Rectangular Coffee Tables

Rectangular coffee tables 600x600mm and 600x1000mm, on arrowhead bases.

Circular Coffee Table

800mm diameter, on a cruciform base.

X-Range Reception Counters

X-Range offers a hugely popular modular reception desk system in the UK, comprising rectangular and radiused desks with matching deskovers and glass counter shelves. There are options for inset backpanels (to facilitate wheelchair access) and recessed desk panels (to maximise knee room). Kickplates may be in Silva or Faux Chrome.

Rectangular Desks

From 800mm to 2000mm wide. Optional inset modesty panels.

Quadrant/Compact 90º corner module

The tight curve of the 90° corner makes it suitable for circumstances where space is very tight – but with the limitation that the receptionist cannot sit at the corner section. Usually combined with an rectangular module on either or both sides.

Curved module (convex, 1600mm radius) 

Spacious curved desk usually combined with an adjacent rectangular module.

Counter Pedestal

A desk height, desk depth pedestal designed to be placed adjacent to a reception desk module. Differs from a standard desk height pedestal in that it has a kick plate to match those on the reception desk modules.


“Mini desks” 400mm high x 400mm deep (375mm internally), which sit on top of desk modules to raise the overall height to a counter height of 1135mm. This provides privacy and hides clutter, but counter height modules are often combined with desk height modules (with or without glass shelves) where space allows, to combine private space with a more open and welcoming section and avoid creating too much of a visual barrier.

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves 300mm deep and 212mm high, supported on Silva or Faux Chrome columns, in sizes and shapes to match all desk modules. Optionally available with perforated steel front panels (Silva or Faux Chrome).

X-Range Office Screens

QSPA screens are aluminium framed, 24mm thick and feature our unique three channel linking design that eliminates the need for intermediate linking posts or a range of different linking connectors. QSPA screens are available in both desk-mounted and freestanding versions, and upholstered or Perspex glazed. [Note: X-Range QSPA screens have an aluminium framed construction and suite with the SPA freestanding screens from our Ambus range.]


QPAD Screens

The fully upholstered screens designed to be specified 400mm shorter that the desk to which they are fitted, leaving a 400mm gap. It is this 400mm gap between adjacent screens that provides privacy and division while maintaining collaborative openness. Available in heights of 340mm and 465mm.

Desk-mounted Screens

Fabric upholstered rectangular screens 265mm and 465mm high and wave-top screens 265mm at one end and 465mm at the other. Wave screens may be linked to high or low rectangular screens.

Freestanding Screens

Straight and curved, solid/upholstered, glazed and part-glazed, in heights to match X-Range storage units (1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm).

X-Range Accessories

Monitor arms: desk mounted

Double extension arms easily height adjustable by sliding up or down a vertical pole and locking at the desired height. Available to support either one or two monitors and with either desk clamp or through desk fittings. White or Silva.

Monitor arms: screen mounted

Single extension arms easily height adjustable by sliding up or down a vertical pole and locking at the desired height. White or Silva.

CPU Holders

Universal CPU holder adjustable for height and width.
Universal CPU holder adjustable for height and width, with slide/rotate action for more convenient access to connections at the rear.

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