Fulcrum Freestanding Desks

A comprehensive selection of panel end desks in a wide range of sizes and shapes, all featuring the distinctive gently arching Fulcrum back panel.

Cable management in Freestanding Desks

All freestanding desks have 80mm diameter cable ports in the tops, in matching veneer to the top. Vertical cable management may additionally be specified on the inside of the panel ends, optionally with the addition of pass-through ports enabling routing of cables between desks placed side by side. Cable trays may be fitted to the inside of modesty panels to provide horizontal cable routing and support for sockets. Flexible cable spines provide an additional option for vertical cable routing.

Recessed Panels

Most desks offer the option of recessed panels on either or both sides, optimising knee space when desks are linked together.

Rectangular Desks

1600mm to 2000mm wide, optionally with a bow front.

Corner Desks

Corner desks are available 1600mm to 2000mm wide, with a return side measuring 1200mm: optionally available with a bow front. 

Freestanding Returns

Small desk-height supplementary work surfaces, offering both rectangular and wave shape tops, designed to be placed at 90° to another work surface.

Conference Extensions

Supplementary work surfaces in a choice of two shapes designed to be placed at the end of desk to provide a small meeting facility at the desk without the need for a separate meeting table. Available on both metal and timber column bases.

Pedestals (drawer units)

Freestanding Pedestals

For use adjacent to or under desks and tables. Available with a choice of two handle styles: Elegance Bow and Timber Executive. All drawers are fitted with heavy duty ball bearing 100% extension runners.

Fixed Pedestals

Specification as freestanding pedestals, but for fixing under desk tops.

Reception Desks

Note: details on reception counters within Fulcrum’s associated range, Fulcrum Professional, are listed elsewhere under its own range name.

Fulcrum Storage

Freestanding Storage Units – rectangular

Open front or with doors (timber and glass), filing drawers or vertical tambour closures in a range of combinations. Desk height through to 2055mm high, 800mm and 100mm wide.

Storage Fittings

Roll-out filing frames, roll-out reference shelves, metal combination shelves (accept lateral files under), lateral filing rails, shelves, hat shelves fitted with coat rails, partition shelves and dividers (to create pigeonhole units), metal slotted shelves and dividers, anti-tilt cables for roll-out fittings.


In addition to conventional 800mm and 1000mm width storage units, Fulcrum also offers an extensive choice of credenzas (wider desk-height storage units), often specified for conference rooms and executive offices. Some of these credenzas are offered with flyover tops (tops extending past the end panels). Some are available with radiused ends. Some may also be fitted with fridges.


Our bookcases are 450mm deep x 990mm high, offered with or without glass doors and are designed to stack on desk-height storage units.

Filing Cabinets

Traditionally styled two, three and four drawer filing cabinets.

Fulcrum Meeting and Conference Tables

Fulcrum offers a range of exceptional tables for  executive offices and for meeting and conference rooms. Tables are offered as standard in widths up to 5000mm and diameters up to 1500mm, with an extensive choice of top shapes and base/leg options. In addition to our standard veneers we offer inlays of burr and exotic veneers, which are also available on cable management flaps and tiles.


Top shapes


  • Rectangular
  • Barrel
  • D-end.
  • Oval
  • Circular (straight or radial veneered,  where the veneer grain is laid in ‘pie slices’ forming a radial pattern on the top surface.




  • Pedestal bases – a slim round column on a Satin Stainless Steel circular footplate
  • Wing bases – featuring a distinctive, design-registered profile with solid timber nosings. Cables may optionally be routed though the base
  • Box bases – a substantial rectilinear base that especially suits rectangular tops and square edges. Cables may optionally be routed through the base
  • Column bases – 300mm diameter timber columns on a circular footplate capped in Black or White glass, or in Satin Stainless Steel. Cables may optionally be routed through the base
  • Arrowhead bases – the classic arrowhead base. We offer optional 'cloaking panels' that fit across the point of the vee, enabling cables to be routed discreetly behind
  • Poseur bases – a high variant of pedestal base supporting small circular standing height tables.


Cable Management for Tables


Cable Management Tiles: optional lift-out tiles provide access to a high-capacity cable tray into which sockets may be located at any point. Tiles may be specified in a matching or contrasting veneer (including ‘feature’ burr and other exotic veneers), or in White glass, frosted Green glass or Black mirror glass. Glass tiles offer the additional benefit of providing a heat and liquid resistant surface.

Cable Management Flaps: hinged flaps giving access to a cable tray which can accommodate sockets and excess cable. Flaps are available in matching or contrasting veneer, as for tiles above.

Flip-top Sockets: with a lid that hinges open to reveal the chosen selection of sockets. The flap may be closed during operation, leaving only the cables visible. Pop-up Sockets: comprising a circular port which can be raised up to provide access to a vertical socket block.

Timber Cable Ports: 80mm diameter cable ports in veneer to match the top surface, positioned as required.

Flexible Cable Spines: to keep cables tidy where is it impractical to route them within the furniture we offer freestanding flexible cable spines that may be positioned wherever desired.

Sockets and Cables: we offer a comprehensive choice of suitable power and data sockets and connecting cables.


Fulcrum Edge Options

We offer Fulcrum with eight different edges, as outlined below.


  • Radius MDF edge: 38mm deep MDF edge with a radius profile, finished to complement the selected veneer.
  • Radius solid edge: 38mm deep, 20mm thick solid hardwood edge with a radius profile and feature step detail.
  • Chamfer MDF edge: 38mm deep MDF edge with a chamfer profile, finished to complement the selected veneer.
  • Square lipped edge (also called ‘Professional edge’): 38mm square edge with a hardwood lipping (3mm on straight edges and 1.5mm on curves).
  • Thin edge: 10mm lipped edge (created by undercutting a 38mm top to create the illusion of a thin top while maintaining structural strength.
  • Square solid edge: 38mm deep, 20mm thick solid hardwood edge with a square profile.
  • 50mm square solid edge: a 50mm deep solid hardwood square edge, 20mm thick.
  • Aero edge: 38mm deep solid hardwood edge with an aerofoil profile.

Contrasting edges: we can offer contrasting edge/top combinations with all of our solid edges. We offer Maple with solid Natural Walnut edge as a standard option: other suitable combinations are available to special order.

Fulcrum Finish Options

Standard veneers: Smoked Oak, Wenge, Natural Walnut, Macassar Tan, Macassar Gold, Light Oak, Maple, Cherry.

Burr and exotic veneers: Burr Walnut, Burr Oak, Birds-Eye Maple, Burr Madrona.

Lacquers: high gloss White, high gloss Black.

Important notes about veneers and hardwood timbers
We use solid hardwoods and wood veneers whose varying grain and figure emphasise the natural beauty and individuality of the wood. No two pieces of timber are identical, and there will be natural variations in hue, grain and figure, and both knots and colouring arising from natural minerals in the wood. None of these variations or features are faults: they are simply proof of the natural origin of the product. Please note that most timbers and veneers either lighten or darken on exposure to light. Should you add additional items at a later date, there may be an initial colour mismatch that should even out over a period of time.

Fulcrum Handles

Fulcrum is available with a choice of three handles:

  • Solid timber Executive handle
  • Elegance Bow handle
  • Fulcrum Pro handle (chrome+timber)
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